223: A detailed short story critique by author and editor, Debi Alper.

Debi AlperITEM: A detailed critique by author and editor, Debi Alper, including line edit, of a short story.

DETAIL: You may submit more than one story, up to a total of 20,000 words.

BIO: Debi is the author of contemporary thrillers, Nirvana Bites and Trading Tatiana (Orion) and has had several short stories published. She is also a freelance editor, mentor and creative writing tutor. Debi has edited several anthologies, most recently Stories for Homes in aid of Shelter. She also has extensive experience as a judge of short story competitions, both large and small.


About Candy Gourlay

Candy Gourlay is a Filipino author living in London. She was a journalist writing about dictators in the Third World before she took up a full time position battling dictators of the nappy-clad variety. She inadvertently became a web designer while avoiding doing the dishes. She takes procrastination to new levels by blogging, drawing and making YouTube videos for fun. Her debut novel Tall Story was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for eleven children’s book prizes including the Blue Peter prize. It won the Crystal Kite Children’s Book Prize for Europe. Her latest book is called Shine. www.candygourlay.com


  1. Thanks for kicking off the bidding, Anna. 🙂

  2. No worries 🙂 I was hoping a short story critique one would come up!

  3. Yay! I originally offered a MS and synopsis critique but then saw there seemed to be a gap for short stories that I could usefully fill.

  4. Johnny Heriz-Smith


  5. Oh, nice one, Johnny!

  6. Hello Debi, I’ll wade in at £75.00.

  7. Great! You won’t regret it. I’ll give the winner a top notch critique and your money couldn’t go to a more deserving cause.

  8. Whisks

    £80. Good value. 🙂

  9. Fantastic! *spits on hands and rubs them together*

  10. Oh great! Thanks so much for your support. I won’t let you down!

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