216: Signed first edition of Back Burning by Sylvia Petter

Back Burning by Sylvia PetterITEM: Signed first edition of Sylvia Petter’s Back Burning, winner of the IP Best Fiction Prize in 2007

DETAILS: Sylvia Petter’s collection flings the reader across the globe in its bold exploration of love, death, passion, relationship, and family. Echoing her own life experience, Sylvia Petter’s award-winning stories explore universal themes through lenses of distance and separation. Back Burning spans continents, zooming in on snapshots of relationships from childhood and young love, through adulthood and career, political pursuits and history, to awakening in old age. Powerful stories of loss and rejuvenation emerge from this patchwork in unexpected ways.

‘I want to tell them about timing, how a new fire can burn once an old one has died. I also want to tell them about back burning and fires that are lit to quell bigger flames.’

Sylvia PetterBIO: Sylvia Petter was born in Vienna and grew up in Australia. She has been featured at conferences of the Society for the Study of the Short Story in English in New Orleans (2002), and Alcala de Henares, Spain (2004), and her work has been published widely both online and in print. Her first collection of stories, The Past Present, was published by IUMIX Ltd, UK, in 2001. Sylvia currently lives with her Austrian husband in Vienna whilst undertaking postgraduate studies in Creative Writing at the University of NSW.

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Candy Gourlay is a Filipino author living in London. She was a journalist writing about dictators in the Third World before she took up a full time position battling dictators of the nappy-clad variety. She inadvertently became a web designer while avoiding doing the dishes. She takes procrastination to new levels by blogging, drawing and making YouTube videos for fun. Her debut novel Tall Story was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for eleven children’s book prizes including the Blue Peter prize. It won the Crystal Kite Children’s Book Prize for Europe. Her latest book is called Shine. www.candygourlay.com

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