213: Signed copies of The Tygrine Cat and The Tygrine Cat On The Run by Inbali Iserles

ITEMS: Signed copies of The Tygrine Cat and The Tygrine Cat On The Run by Inbali Iserles

The Tygrine Cat and the Tygrine Cat On the Run by Inbali Iserles


The first book in the Tygrine Cat series, this is a thrilling fantasy about a cat seeking his destiny. Lost and alone, Mati seeks acceptance from a community of street cats at Cressida Lock. But Mati is no ordinary cat…and the mysterious assassin on his trail knows it. Mati looks different, with his golden eyes, large ears and russet coat. He also acts differently – he anticipates danger with bristling whiskers; hears voices from the feline spirit realm that he cannot understand. To defeat his enemies, Mati must unlock the secret of his true identity. In doing so, he must learn to harness an ancient feline power – a power so deadly that it threatens to destroy not only his friends but every cat on earth…

Long before humans walked the earth, there were two tribes of cats: the Sa Mau of the Nile Delta, and the Abyssinia Tygrine from ancient Nubia. Armed with mysterious powers, the ruthless Sa sought to crush the Tygrine and condemn all cats to darkness. Even those who believe the legend claim the tribes became extinct 9,000 years ago with the domestication of cats. They are mistaken… Mati lives among the street cats at Cressida Lock. But Mati is different – he is a Tygrine, the last of his kind. The Suzerain, his implacable foe, has set a murderous creature on his trail. As a shadow falls over Cressida Lock, the young cat must find the strength to lead his friends from danger. In this heart-stopping sequel to The Tygrine Cat, Mati must pass through three gates of the feline spirit realm and confront his enemies. The first gate takes him to a place of chaos and flame; the second to the ancient land of his ancestors; the last to the world of memory, where his fallen friends remain. Can cruelty and despair crush Mati’s will – or is there an even greater power at work?

Inbali Iserles

BIO:  Inbali Iserles is an award-winning writer and keeper of exotic rodents.

The idea for her first book, The Tygrine Cat, came to her while she was flicking through an encyclopedia of cat breeds. She began to ponder the idea of a rivalry between ancient feline tribes. The Tygrine Cat won the 2008 Calderdale Children’s Book of the Year Award and was short-listed for the 2008 Stockton Children’s Book of the Year. The Tygrine Cat: On the Run – the heart-stopping sequel to The Tygrine Cat – was released in January 2011. Both books were included in The Independent’s “50 Books Every Child Should Read”.

About Candy Gourlay

Candy Gourlay is a Filipino author living in London. She was a journalist writing about dictators in the Third World before she took up a full time position battling dictators of the nappy-clad variety. She inadvertently became a web designer while avoiding doing the dishes. She takes procrastination to new levels by blogging, drawing and making YouTube videos for fun. Her debut novel Tall Story was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and shortlisted for eleven children’s book prizes including the Blue Peter prize. It won the Crystal Kite Children’s Book Prize for Europe. Her latest book is called Shine. www.candygourlay.com


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