199: Critique by author Nicola Morgan, plus signed copy of Write to be Published

Nicola_Morgan_publicity_photoITEM:  A professional, in-depth manuscript critique of either the first 3000 words of a novel or a complete picture book text.

DETAILS: I run a small and very selective writers’ consultancy, Pen2Publication, and my critiques are known for their enormous detail and complete professional honesty – be warned! Several of my clients have achieved successful publication. (Please note that I have no vacancies until January.) The winner will also receive a signed copy of the industry-acclaimed Write to be Published.

BIO: Nicola Morgan is an award-winning author of nearly 100 books, including YA novels Wasted, Fleshmarket, Mondays are Red and The Passionflower Massacre, and the internationally renowned book on the teenage brain, Blame My Brain. She is now writing The Teenage Guide to Stress. She also writes about the publishing industry. Her book,Write to be Published, and blog, Help! I Need a Publisher! are renowned for clarity and honesty as are the ebooks Write a Great Synopsis and Dear Agent. She also self-publishes.

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  1. julie-ann corrigan


  2. Nice bids! Keep ’em coming! Still a bargain 🙂

  3. kimberleyalysonuk


  4. Sorry for butting in, but professional feedback is worth far more than people are bidding. Add the cause and book and a contact in publishing. I don’t need it, but dig deep it’s worth it.

  5. Thanks, electrasmoped! Also thanks to everyone who has made a bid. Am I allowed to bid myself, do you think? All in a good cause? In effect, i’d be paying not to do the work 🙂 And the work is VERY time-consuming and tricky, working out how to deliver the feedback utterly honestly and professionally.

  6. Kathryn Henderson


  7. Thank you, Kathryn, and a huge thank you to ALL of you who have made a bid. I’m looking forward to working with and helping whichever of you wins it. Two days left 🙂

  8. julie-ann corrigan

    Nicola, I’ve stopped bidding only because I have my eye on another donation – full critique! Will be kicking myself, I know. By the way to all bidders. This is worth at least £180!

  9. Nobody should ever feel bad – you’re all doing what you can. And, Julie, thanks and good luck!

  10. Mrs H

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring with 105 GBP

  11. Kathryn Henderson


  12. Night Writer

    191 GBP

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