198: Signed copy of Queue Tips: Discovering Your Next Great Movie

Queue Tips by Rob ChristopherITEM: A signed and personalized copy of the book from the author, Rob Christopher. Name a movie and he’ll write a 3 sentence review of it as part of the dedication!

DETAIL: Offering a garden-variety of carefully cultivated lists, Queue Tips: Discovering Your Next Great Movie is a suggestion guide for the at-home movie viewer which incorporates classic films with those more obscure for a full menu of watch-worthy films. This all-in-one recommendation source provides descriptions, a capsule review, trivia, and helpful tips on where to locate the movie—whether in DVD format or online. Hosting a mini-film festival or coordinating the programming for a film class or club becomes an easy undertaking with this guide on hand, or it could simply be the solution for any given Friday night. Such figures as authors, film bloggers, and columnists contribute to the suggestions, including

Bilge Ebiri (popular film blogger)
Barry Gifford (author of Wild At Heart)
Bill Ott (Publisher of Booklist)
Julia Sweeney (Saturday Night Live cast member and monologist)
Zoe Trope (author of YA memoir Please Don’t Kill the Freshman)
Ken Vandermark (MacArthur “genius” grant-winning jazz musician)
Eugenia Williamson (pop culture columnist)

BIO: Rob Christopher grew up in suburban Denver, Colorado (mostly), and when he moved to Chicago in 1993 to attend film school it triggered approximately six months of severe culture shock. Now he loves Chicago so much that he actually looks forward to wintertime. Yes, he’s that crazy. Aside from the website Chicagoist, he has also written for the likes of the “Chicago Reader,” “American Libraries,” and “Booklist.” He sees lots and lots of movies, chronicling them with his 3 Things project. He’s a regular contributor to CINE-FILE as well as a member of the Queer Film Society.

About Candy Gourlay

Growing up in the Philippines, Candy Gourlay wondered why all the books she'd ever loved didn't resemble her steamy, tropical home in Manila. As a result, it took her years to fulfil her dream of becoming an author – and years to learn that Filipino stories, too, belong in the pages of books. Her latest novel is BONE TALK, set in 1899 and told from the point of view of a boy from a headhunting village during the US invasion of the Philippines. She has just published her first picture book, IS IT A MERMAID – about a dugong who thinks she's a mermaid. Candy's other novels, TALL STORY and SHINE, have been listed for many prizes in the United Kingdom such as the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children's Book Prize. Both novels won the Crystal Kite Prize for Europe and Tall Story was awarded the National Children's Book Award in the Philippines.


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  2. £10 starter bid – and a review of ‘Went the Day Well?’

  3. robchristopher

    Oh, a wonderful film! That’d be an excellent review to write, but come on people, let’s raise the bid shall we?

  4. Eric M

    I’ll move the bidding along to £20.

  5. robchristopher

    Moving along, but we can do better!

  6. £40 – now I just need to remember what my other half’s favourite film is… (Oh! Have you seen Stalker? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalker_(1979_film))

  7. robchristopher

    I have indeed seen STALKER, in fact it’s my favorite Tarkovsky movie.

  8. cltaylorauthor


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