194: Author visit from Jane Clarke

Author photo in Dover CastleITEM: Author visit from picture book author Jane Clarke

DETAIL: Jane Clarke will spend the afternoon at your nursery or primary school within 40 miles of Dover. She’ll be happy to do a fun poetry performance all-school assembly and/or run an inspirational creative writing workshop/ talk about writing/read stories/ share poems with whatever groups of children you wish provided that you schedule a tea break 🙂 Start time 1pm. Dates to be arranged, but exclude Feb 24 – March 14 2014.

Blurb: Jane’s the author of over sixty books for young children, including the award-winning Gilbert the Great, illustrated by Charles Fuge, Stuck in the Mud, illustrated by Garry Parsons and Knight Time illustrated by Jane Massey, and her poems are published in many children’s anthologies.

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  1. £10! to get it going!

  2. Raise you to £20. (This is such fun!)

  3. Katie Gibbs

    £30. we would love a school visit and happy to help the Philippines!

  4. Thank you for your bids, Katie, Kate and Nanny Cool 🙂

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