183: Critique of an entire novel up to 80,000 words by Caroline Green

Caroline GreenITEM: Critique of an entire novel up to 80,000 words by author Caroline Green.

BIO: Caroline Green is the award-winning author of Dark Ride, Cracks and Hold Your Breath. Dark Ride won the Waverton Good Read Award 2011 and the Romantic Novelists Association Young Adult Novel of the year 2011. Caroline is a journalist for the magazine Flipside and also the Writer in Residence at East Barnet School. She lives in North London with her husband, two boys and a chocolate Labrador called Monty.

About Candy Gourlay

Growing up in the Philippines, Candy Gourlay wondered why all the books she'd ever loved didn't resemble her steamy, tropical home in Manila. As a result, it took her years to fulfil her dream of becoming an author – and years to learn that Filipino stories, too, belong in the pages of books. Her latest novel is BONE TALK, set in 1899 and told from the point of view of a boy from a headhunting village during the US invasion of the Philippines. She has just published her first picture book, IS IT A MERMAID – about a dugong who thinks she's a mermaid. Candy's other novels, TALL STORY and SHINE, have been listed for many prizes in the United Kingdom such as the Carnegie Medal and the Guardian Children's Book Prize. Both novels won the Crystal Kite Prize for Europe and Tall Story was awarded the National Children's Book Award in the Philippines.


  1. Lynn Vroman

    L 80

  2. debfly

    Wow – this is a goodie, isn’t it? 🙂 £150

  3. julie-ann corrigan

    Mine’s 100,000 words, any thoughts Caroline?! And not ready yet ….:O

  4. Wow, thanks so much for all your bids, everyone!
    Julie-Ann, am so sorry but would have to be 80k or under.
    Thanks again all (and good luck with finishing it, Julie-Ann!)

  5. julie-ann corrigan

    Thanks, Caroline. No problem. I have to start writing shorter novels!

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