181: Die (probably gruesomely!) in the final Department 19 novel by Will Hill

45661_418054602171_4253335_nITEM: Your name will be given to a character who meets their maker in the fifth and final Department 19 novel, publishing in early 2015. And if the previous four books in the series have taught me anything, it’s that characters in the series tend to go out spectacularly when their time comes…

You can shuffle of this mortal coil as either a vampire or a human (whichever you prefer!) and I’ll send you a signed and dedicated hardback of the book when it’s printed, so you can enjoy your literary demise at your leisure.

BIO: Will Hill is the author of the bestselling Department 19 series of YA thrillers. He lives in East London.

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  1. Superherogirl


  2. £40 to have me (as a vampire) expire dramatically.

  3. Tom

    £100 if I can be a vampire that’s killed when Jamie finally thinks to put a UV siren on his hat

  4. Lou

    Oh, I’ve got to bid. Because vampires. £150.

  5. Jennifer Chapman

    And I have because Jamie loves his Mum! Vampire being quietly extinguished by charming operator please. £175

  6. Jay mcdowell

    Would love to get my name in and my kids would get a good laugh

  7. Is this an auction or something? Where are the instructions?

  8. Traxy you just add your bid below. Highest bidder wins.

  9. loucigan

    dear Will Hill, my name is loucigan. i have been reading your books since the day they came out and they have been the best book i have ever read as they give an awesome experience. we have met once when you came to our school. to be named after a character in your book would give me memories to cherish and bring me a great amount of joy.

  10. Alex

    Damn, sucks how I live in Australia, can’t wait to see the gruesome deaths though. So the fifth book will involve Matt or Kate’s death, Holmwood’s, Julian or even Marie! Such a major plot twist 😀

  11. megan ridgeway

    I love your books and I am not picky if you put my name in the book as a dog I wouldn’t care. Please

  12. Will Sames

    Will hill you should just do a charity thing where people just pay with pay pal and the highest donater wins their name in the book and that way you woulx make alot more money for charity.

  13. Andrew McClenning


    Pick mine: Andrew McClenning, and I have an encyclopedic knowledge of music, movies, television, books, etc. Plus I’m a self-confessed wallflower.

    Make ‘my character’ have verbal dyspraxia, like I’ve got. You don’t see verbal dyspraxia on the page, or on the screen for that matter…

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