175: Box of ARCs from Shelf Awareness.

ITEM: Box of ARCs from Shelf Awareness.

DETAIL: Shelf Awareness is offering a box of brand new advanced reading copies (14 books) with the best fiction and non-fiction available, hand-selected by our renowned review editor Marilyn Dahl! Get your favorite titles weeks and months before they appear in bookstores!


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  1. Heather c collins


  2. DeAnn Rossetti

    Does a bid have to be in pounds? I would like to bid $30, but that is in US dollars.

  3. Yes it does, but just convert your bid to pounds online. You can pay in dollars, but it’s very confusing for everyone if the bids are in different currencies.

  4. You can use this conversion site: http://www.xe.com/ ($30 is £18.)

  5. DeAnn Rossetti

    Thanks for the help, Diane, but the bids have already gotten too rich for my blood, as the saying goes.

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