170: A character name in the first book in John and Carole E. Barrowman’s HOLLOW EARTH UNBOUND trilogy.

36EP9582rtITEM: A character named after you or someone you love in the first book in John and Carole E. Barrowman’s HOLLOW EARTH UNBOUND trilogy.

DETAIL: “We start work on this trilogy next spring so you’d have to be patient, but we promise it will be worth the wait.” – Carole & John

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  1. Jack Harkness


  2. Ricky Gellissen


  3. PuterPrsn

    Becca Boardman

  4. I have to bow out (sobs) but best of luck to all the bidders. Amazing thing to win.

  5. Tracy Barnett


  6. Claudia Wolff

    200 GBP

  7. Miriam chant

    I’d say because my mother is an amazing person
    And raised 12 children (including me) you should
    Name someone after her 🙂 and her name is Linda

  8. Glory Noble Raymonde, after my beautiful Granddaugher

  9. Hannah Marie Karlikova

    Marie £250

  10. Feliciana Verchello ((It’s Italian))
    Lily Skyland

  11. $400 USD but they have to use one of the Buck Rogers ray guns. 😉

  12. 50 € for the name “Elena”

  13. Blaine123

    I like Fern Paterson

  14. Joyce

    6.21 for the name Kaylani Hope

  15. Kerry McManus

    $415 USD but I also want to meet John if possible. (At least talk to him)

  16. $425 USD. I have already met John and yes people he really is a nice person.

  17. I would like a people in the book to be called roger

  18. Blaine123

    I know I didnt put any money in ite because my parents just split up up and moneys short and its also a tough time for a 16 year old

  19. Blaine123

    But I would have loved to

  20. Just so you all know, only bids in £ (GB pounds) are going to count. (See https://authorsforphilippines.wordpress.com/browsing-bidding/ for more info.)

  21. You would think that a charity could do their own conversions when asking for donations LOL. 425 USD is about 265 GB Pounds.

  22. We’re not a charity, Toby, just volunteers doing our bit to raise money for charity! It really helps if you can do the conversion into ££ – xe.com is a good way. Thanks everyone!

  23. Let me try this again without trying to make light of the bidding rules.
    A bid of 265 British pounds.

  24. Tracy Barnett


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