166: One of five Amazing Grace dolls

41zjvsq3r1l-_sy445_ITEM: One of five Amazing Grace dolls

DETAIL: Mary Hoffman’s groundbreaking book, Amazing Grace, is coming up to its 25th anniversary. Here is a rare opportunity to own an Amazing Grace doll, which can be signed by Mary on the skirt if you wish. Five available.

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  1. £70 – I’m about to be a Nana again in a few weeks – and it will be for the baby whether it’s a girl or a boy. Amazing Grace is a fine role model.

  2. So how does this work if there are 5 dolls?? £75. For my primary school nursery…last children in last year…

  3. oh – I see – and I’ve bid twice. So I suppose you skip the earlier me if I’m 2 of 5?!

  4. Clare Alonzi


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