154: A character name in Kit Berry’s new book.

Kit Berry and DraxITEM: A character name in Kit Berry’s new book.

DETAIL: “I’m offering for auction the chance to name a character in the book I’ve just started writing. It’s historical fiction for adults set on the Isle of Portland during the Civil War. The highest bidder can either have their own name used in the novel, or choose a name that they like. If the name is too modern for the 1640’s then we may have to agree on something that sounds right for the period. The winner can also choose if their character supports the Royalist or Parliamentarian cause. A signed copy of the book will be sent to them just as soon as it’s published, with a mention of their generosity to the Philippine cause in the acknowledgements.” – Kit Berry

BIO: I’m the author of the five book Stonewylde Series, published by Orion. It’s a dark story of love and hope set in a secret walled-off community in contemporary Dorset, where life revolves around nature and the seasons. I live in Berkshire with my husband, dog, cats and chickens and lots of visiting grown-up children.

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  1. Jody Brewer

    Skye is my daughters name ♥

  2. I would like to bid £30 🙂

  3. John McClane

    £250….we can discuss the name… 🙂

  4. John McClane

    and its a cause I have already donated to…

  5. Wonderful – thanks so much!

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