153: A place on Brighton Writers Retreat in January, February or March 2014.

ITEM: A place on Brighton Writers Retreat in January, February or March 2014. Stop procrastinating and start writing! http://www.brightonwritersretreat.co.uk

DETAILS: This workshop is about quantity, not quality. We will be declaring war on procrastination and smashing writing blocks to smithereens.

There are few things more motivating than competition. Competition and biscuits. Set your personal word count goal for the day and compete against other writers. Games, silliness and supportive competitiveness to break you out of your writerly malaise.

BIO: Sarah Lewis is an author and journalist having written for The Guardian, The Ecologist, New Statesman and Green Futures. She is a graduate from the UEA Creative Writing MA, winner of the David Higham Award and received a special mention in the 2013 BBC National Short Story Award. She is currently spends her days raising a trillion dollars for investment in renewable energy and evenings finishing her first novel.

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  1. I’ll starting the bidding at £10

  2. Raise you to £20!

  3. How long is the workshop? (Just so I could juggle work if I win this bid)

  4. Thanks for all the bids! It’s from 10am – 4pm on the third Sunday of every month. Can be flexible about which month you attend!

  5. Natalie Baines


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