150: The dedication in Steve Cole’s first Young James Bond novel

Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.ITEM: The dedication in Steve Cole’s first Young James Bond novel. Licensed by Ian Fleming Publications, this will be a high-profile release in autumn 2014 from Random House. The wording will be ‘For XX’ (where XX must be an individual, not an organisation).

BIO: Since publication of the first Astrosaurs book in 2005, prolific author Steve Cole has sold over three million of his titles, ranging from young science-fantasy (Cows In Action, Slime Squad) to young adult thrillers (Z. Rex, Tripwire) and original Doctor Who novels.

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  1. OMG! Starting bidding at £30

  2. £70. But if the book’s rubbish I’ll want my money back.

  3. Julia Anderson


  4. Joe

    £120 on behalf of Jimmy Coates

  5. Kate Powling


  6. Craig Fisher

    200 pounds

  7. Err, wow Steve, yes, slightly outbid before I even started – hoorah for you!

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  9. Anita Loughrey

    OMG! Maybe I can bid next time. 🙂

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