140: Early manuscript of How I Live Now (from 2003) by Meg Rosoff.

ITEM: Early manuscript of How I Live Now (from 2003) by Meg Rosoff.

DETAILS: This is an original manuscript (pages printed from the computer) – pre-submission to agent or editor, unedited, with a different title, and some striking differences from the final book.

May0033811_002.JPG Author Meg Rosoff

BIO: Meg Rosoff is an American-born London writer. She is best known for the novel How I Live Now, which won the Guardian Prize, Printz Award, and Branford Boase Award and made the Whitbread Awards shortlist.

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  1. Kicking off with £25 🙂

  2. This is what happens when great minds take a tea break after 11am 🙂

  3. I have a funny feeling this one is going to go way out of my budget 😉 £55

  4. £70. When I’m broke in about two years time, this manuscript will save me.

  5. £75 – Is it frameable? Can you sign it?

  6. What a treasure this would be. 🙂 I bid £100.

  7. Would love it. I say £120

  8. Can you tell that I can’t really afford this?

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  10. Meg

    Of course I’ll sign it. It’s a clean printout from the original file and unread by anyone but me. Kind of a curiosity really….!

  11. So I’m imagining that I should really say – £130.

  12. Katherine Rundell

    Oh wow! £140.

  13. Oh god. So tempting. £170.

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  15. Woah, what an awesome item. Need to think over my finances for a minute before I bid impulsively on this…

  16. Thanks guys. Should all be tax deductible as a charitable donation — if that helps!

  17. Clare Furniss

    Eek just realised auction’s about to close!! ummm… £220

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