139: Two invitations to the official launch party of Three Hares Publishing, 2014 + manuscript critique

THREE HARES COL TEXT SML 2ITEM: Three Hares Publishing would like to offer two invites to our official launch party in March 2014, this will take place in central London.

We would also like to offer a critique of the first three chapters and synopsis.

DETAIL: Three Hares comprises of Helen Bryant of Cornerstones and Yasmin Standen of The Standen Literary Agency. Three Hares publish fiction and non fiction, adult, children’s and YA.

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  1. I think it might be helpful to know what type of books Three Hares Publishing publish, so that people will know if their first three chaps are suitable. Is it fiction or non-fiction, for adults or children?

  2. Three Hares publish fiction and non fiction, we publish adult, children’s and YA.

  3. James Wilson


  4. Viv Hampshire

    A new company. Worth taking a chance!

  5. James Wilson


  6. James Wilson


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