132: A place on The Golden Egg Academy’s Action and Dramatic Workshop

ITEM: One place on The Golden Egg Academy’s Action and Dramatic Workshop which is being held on 7th & 8th December near Frome, Somerset.


DETAIL: ‘You’ve had the rejection letters and feedback: ‘Not a lot happens; Doesn’t grip me enough; Not surprising or exciting enough to hold attention in a very competitive market; Not enough happens to sufficiently engage young readers against everything else competing for their attention; Too slow; Not keeping me turning the pages; Good opening, but then everything goes slack …

But YOU know that your story takes your character on a life-changing journey, full of meaning.

Join Beverley Birch and Bella Pearson for a workshop exploring the nature of action and dramatic tension, on finding it in your own story and bringing it effectively to the surface. The course will help you understand how to best sweep your readers into and through the story, gripping them and pulling them through every page.’

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  1. Heard great things about GEA! £20

  2. Julie Pike

    What a great opportunity. Make mine £100.

  3. Can’t wait to see the lucky winner! It’s going to be a great workshop weekend. Beverley Birch, ex-Senior Commissioning Editor, Hodder, and Bella Pearson, ex-Editorial Director, David Fickling Books, are both wonderful editors and teachers. Chicken House author, Sophia Bennett will be guest speaker.

  4. Karen Taylor

    £120. 🙂

  5. Julie Pike

    £150 🙂

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