99: Advance copy of Finding Jennifer Jones by Anne Cassidy

Finding Jennifer JonesITEM: Advance copy of Finding Jennifer Jones – the sequel to Looking For JJ – by Anne Cassidy, which isn’t published until February 2014.

DETAIL: Kate Rickman seems just like any other nineteen-year-old girl. She goes to university, she dates nice, normal boys and she works in her local tourist office at the weekend. But Kate’s not really normal at all. ‘Kate’ is in fact a carefully constructed facade for a girl called Jennifer Jones – and it’s a facade that’s crumbling fast. Jennifer has spent the last nine years frantically trying to escape from her horrifying past. Increasingly desperate, Jennifer decides to do something drastic. She contacts the only other girl who might understand what she’s dealing with, breaking every rule of her parole along the way. Lucy Bussell is the last person Jennifer expects any sympathy from, but she’s also the last person she has left. Finding Jennifer Jones is the powerful sequel to the highly acclaimed, Carnegie Medal nominated Looking for JJ. It is a tense, emotional thriller about guilt, running away and wondering if you can ever truly know yourself.

BIO: Anne Cassidy writes crime fiction for teenagers. She has written over thirty novels.

Her latest publications are THE MURDER NOTEBOOKS, Bloomsbury.

In Feb 2014 the sequel to LOOKING FOR JJ will be published by Hot Key Books. It is called FINDING JENNIFER JONES.

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  1. Anne Gibson

    Hey, great to find a sequel at last !! £10

  2. I’ve been waiting for this one! My bid is £45.

  3. I’m going to return the favour, Christine, and raise the bid! My new bid is £75.

  4. Sorry – Christina!

  5. I’ll accept your apology, if you’ll accept mine – I’m upping my bid to £80. 😉

  6. Anne – is there just the one copy up for grabs…?
    Right, if there’s only the one, I have to raise my bid. My new bid is £100.

  7. You drive a hard bargain, Savita! I’m upping my bid to £110.

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