88: Signed proof copy of S J Watson’s next book.

MG_9129ITEM: Signed proof copy of S J Watson’s next book.

DETAIL: “Signed proof copy of my next book (title to be confirmed). I haven’t finished writing it, yet, and so I can’t say when this will be available, but it should be some time next year. Essentially I’m offering the chance to be one of the first readers of my new novel. In the unlikely event that there aren’t any proofs (this is up to my publisher of course) then I will print off and bind a manuscript and sign that.” – SJ Watson

BIO: S. J. Watson’s first novel is the award winning Before I Go To Sleep. It has now sold over 4 million copies in over 40 languages around the world, and has been turned into a movie starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth.

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  1. Ken Maness


  2. I will take that off your hands for 100 pounds, squire.

  3. Paul

    150 pounds, great cause, great author, if the book is half as good as the last it will be money well spent.

  4. Sue Tabbitt

    Count me in for £200

  5. The characterful writer

    Hope it’s as good as your last. If so, I’d love to review it on my blog. I’m reviewing two Latin American authors around Xmas.
    Re Before I Go to Sleep. In same spirit. Just finished reading The Silent Wife. Sad author died before receiving due accolades. Keep churning out the chapters.

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