85: Your name as a character in Patrick Ness’s next book

4ITEM: Your name as a character in Patrick Ness’s next book

DETAIL: “Wanna be in my next book?  I can’t guarantee you’ll be nice.  Or survive (so few do).  But the risk is yours!  But if you win the auction, I’ll do you up a treat…” – Patrick Ness

BIO:  Patrick Ness is the author the Chaos Walking Trilogy, A Monster Calls, The Crane Wife and More Than This.  He’s won the Carnegie Medal twice and is so tired of writing out his bio that he thinks he’s developing an allergy.

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  1. sue w

    Posted at same time: I’ll up to £50

  2. Awesome incentive, £60

  3. Heidi Shewell-Cooper


  4. Shona Broughton as a xmas gift just for youxxxx Ray £160

  5. sderby@saintcecilias.wandsworth.sch.uk

    Shucks, I’m out! Didn’t realise it was a bidding war. My circumstances really don’t allow such generosit, lone working parent below poverty line etc; I shall donate anyway and wish all you contenders well, struggling for survival in a dystopian Mess, or Ness, as the case may be. Good on ya!

  6. Rich Scothon


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  8. Patrick Walsh on behalf of Henna Silvennoinen


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  10. Paul

    l say let’s do a whip round and make the winning bidder Todd Hewitt! If he won’t revisit the series lets force him 😉 #whynot? Good luck everyone!

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  12. Lucy May


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