75: Night down the pub with Andy Stanton and Anthony McGowan

ITEM: Night down the pub with Andy Stanton and Anthony McGowan

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DETAILS: Join Andy Stanton and Anthony McGowan, two of the UK’s leading children’s/YA authors, as they sit around one of their favourite London pubs talking about the sort of thing that two of the UK’s leading children’s/YA authors normally talk about. (This will probably include, but not be limited to: which authors they hate and/or are jealous of; moaning about royalties; Andy’s troubles with women; an update on Tony’s latest faux pas on social networks, etc.) Also, the winning bidder is allowed to contribute too, let’s make that clear right now, it’s not like you have to just come and listen to us going on about stuff. You can ask us all sorts of questions about writing. Or anything you want. Or, well, look, it’ll be fun, right, we’ll just have a good old chat down the pub. How bad can it be?


OK, this has all gotten a bit complex quite quickly. So we’re putting these rules in place:

1/ No, we won’t be buying all your drinks and snacks for the evening, disregard that suggestion from Tony, he’s insane. Just think of it as a night out in the real world with your mates, exactly the sort of drinks-buying algorithm that applies in the normal world will apply on this night.

2/ Up to five people can come and join us down the pub. So that’s Tony & Andy; plus up to five of you lovely lot.

3/ You can form bidding cartels if you like. But nominate ONE PERSON as head of the cartel to put the bids in. That way, let’s say ‘Bidder X’ bids £100 and ‘Bidder Y’ bids £110. Bidder Y will win because the grand total is bigger. Bidder Y may be representing themself only; or they may be fronting a cartel of two, three, four or five bidders. Whether the winning bidder represents one, two, three, four or five people, it’s the total bid that counts.

4/ Cartels aren’t the only way to get five people along on the night. A single bidder working alone can win the auction and then choose to bring up to four of their friends along who haven’t paid anything.

5/ Once the auction’s ended you’ll have to declare how many people are coming to join us in total.

6/ Everyone coming along on the night must be 18 or over.

7/ ***BID BIG!*** It’s for a good cause and we’ll have a lot of fun.

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  1. Ha ha! TM… you sent a shiver down my spinulus…! Watching……………..

  2. Wow, a bag of crappy tat! 🙂

  3. Emily

    If Jo comes back in we have £800 from COPS and AAA plus 100 from stay at homes? Is that right? If my maths is right, and to celebrate the fact that we’re all winners I’ll stick in an extra £100 so it makes £1000.
    I like round numbers.

  4. Ah, but if it’s Tony’s it will be über-classy crappy tat.

  5. Just to make the final maths easier, and to save scrolling back. My bid stands at £110. I have spoken to Jo W, and her money will go to the Red Cross anyway, one way or the other, (she may find something else to bid her budget on but if not will just donate) but she is definitely out of the pub evening whatever happens.

  6. Oooh. What does that mean in terms of uber-classy crappy tat and bananas though? I LOVE THIS. I love y’all. Oh jeez, I’m going Texan.

  7. Where’s Evelyn……….?

  8. Emily

    This is all beyond my maths, it adds up in total to something or other and I will donate £200.

  9. Emily is a superstar methinks. 🙂

  10. If Jo’s contribution counts, even though she isn’t going to come to the pub then COPS are on £405.50 again btw. 🙂 Just sayin.

  11. Andy '???' Stanton

    No, I’m still confused.

    I don’t even know what side Lucy’s on, so can someone from each cartel please state the following:

    1/ Their cartel’s final tally
    2/ The breakdown. I.e. the name of each person in the cartel and the amount they’ve individually pledged.

    I will then DM Tattoed Mummy for AAA and Pip for COPS and give em my email address. Then we can sort out dates.

    Thanks everyone! This has gone like clockwork. 😉

  12. Tattooed Mummy

    In the AAA group – Me, Sally, Amanda, Jane, Emily

    Total amount bid
    Me £129.50
    Sally £10.50
    Amanda £100
    Jane £60
    Emily £200

    Total bid AAA = £500


  13. Andy '!' Stanton


  14. Sorry, Andy. Am in with the COPS lot. Trying to do maths and cook supper. Help! Know I am on £110 and James on £35.50. Pip? Hayley? Jo is out, but Liz at £100 might want to take her place (and we’d love to have you, Liz). Sorry, maths NOT my strong point, but we WILL get there. I do know that Jackie Morris and Meg Rosoff are each donating £50 NOT to come.

  15. Ben

    I’m here! Haven’t read all the posts, but if there’s a place going spare Pip, I’ll happily be in!

  16. Ben

    Right, well I posted this all far too late (what did I think this was? Ebay?) Guessing I’m not in, but… umm… I’ll wait and see.

  17. We are:

    Pip £110
    Lucy £110
    Hayley £50
    James £35.50
    and if it count Jo donating to red cross but not coming to pub… £100
    £405.50 if count

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