73: Signed 1st edition copy of debut novel ‘Girl with a White Dog’ by Anne Booth.

ImageITEM: Signed 1st edition copy of debut novel ‘Girl with a White Dog’ by Anne Booth.

DETAILS: Girl with a White Dog is the story of Jessie, who desperately wishes for a dog. But when her gran gets a white Alsatian puppy, a mystery starts to unfold. At school Jessie is studying the Nazis’ rise to power, and she starts to make connections, uncovering something long-buried, troubling and somehow linked to another girl, and another white dog . . .

Non Pratt, Commissioning editor at Catnip books, said: “Jessie’s voice is entirely authentic as a child on the cusp of realising how the world works. Anne’s passion for her characters and the themes that inspired her to write this book bubbles fiercely under the surface of a beautifully told story – one with the power to move me, and the sales team, to tears.”

The book will be published & sent in March 2014.

BIO: Anne Booth lives in a village in Kent with her husband, four teenage children, two dogs and three hens. She has worked as a bookseller, a university lecturer and in a residential care home.

She writes delightful picture books and compelling middle grade fiction about friends, families and the small but significant choices we all face every day.

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  1. Me too. Hi, Anne; £25 bid

  2. Come on then Celia, if you think you’re hard enough. £30.

  3. In your face, Anderson! £40.

  4. Bah, Harris! Put your money where your mouth is… £45

  5. I am going offline now, but will be back. Mwahahahahaahahha….

  6. While the cat’s away … £50

  7. Oh blimey – we’re entering ‘too rich for my blood’ territory. £60 is my top bid. *waits* *weeps*

  8. One more from me and that’s IT! £65. Eat dirt, Harris…

  9. I’m eating it right now. I’M EATING DIRT – HAPPY NOW? Anne, you’ll just have to put up with me buying it the minute it comes out.

  10. Glad you’re not bitter but just wanted to say; that’s not dirt – it’s chocolate. Easy mistake to make though.

  11. Thank you so much to both of you xxx. It’s so lovely this is making money for the Philippines. Catnip have just asked if the witting bidder (Celia right now) would like a limited edition proof copy available now (when bidding ends) rather than wait for one when it is published?

  12. I don’t like this corrective text thingy. I meant (and am sure I typed!) the WINNING bidder….

  13. I am feeling very witting today, funnily enough. When does the bidding end? What if some crazy fool rushes in and scoops the prize? But yes, now would be most excellent if it’s me! xxx

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