125: Be a Nightingale Girl (with author Donna Douglas)

ITEM: Author Donna Douglas will name a nurse after you in Nightingales On Call, the next book in her bestselling Nightingales series, to be published spring 2014. The series follows the lives of nurses in an East End hospital in the 1930s, and is published by Arrow.

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BIO: Donna Douglas started her career writing photo love stories in teenage magazines and worked as a women’s magazine journalist before moving on to write novels. She was born in London, but now lives in York with her husband. When she isn’t writing, Donna likes walking, reading and watching Pointless on TV.

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  1. £5 Just to begin with … for my lovely daughter

  2. 36 pounds if you’ll name the character Devora Herskovitz in honor of my friend, a mother of five, who wished her whole life to become a nurse and worked very hard to raise her children and complete her education. Devora received a cancer diagnosis just days after completing her training. In the year since graduating nursing school, she has undergone surgery, chemo and radiation and is now (finally!) (to her great thrill) practicing palliative and pediatric care in Dallas, Texas. Devora is the grandchild of holocaust survivors…it would be interesting to see you include an Orthodox Jewish nurse in your story of London’s East End! Entirely historically appropriate! Please ?!

  3. Julia Anderson


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