122: E-copy (in your chosen format) of The Language of Spells by Sarah Painter plus an Esmie ‘Floral Garden’ Notebook.

ITEM: E-copy (in your chosen format) of The Language of Spells by Sarah Painter plus an Esmie ‘Floral Garden’ Notebook. A personalised dedication can be provided via Authorgraph or inscribed into the notebook.

language of spells cover_small esme notebook

DETAILS: The Language of Spells is warm, contemporary novel with a touch of magic.

When you are ready, seek, and you shall find. It is your gift. Gwen Harper left Pendleford thirteen years ago and hasn’t looked back. Until an inheritance throws her into the mystical world she thought she’d escaped. Confronted with her great-aunt’s legacy Gwen must finally face up to her past. The magic she has long tried to suppress is back with a vengeance but gift or burden, for Gwen, it always spells trouble. She has to stay – she has nowhere else to go – but how can she find her place in the town that drove her out after branding her a witch…?

The A5 Esmie notebook is made in England. It has 192 heavyweight acid-free plain pages, which are stitched and then glued into a hard back cover, covered with delicate Japanese-style hand silk screen printed paper.

BIO: Sarah Painter is a freelance journalist and author. Her debut novel The Language of Spells became a Kindle bestseller and she writes about pretty stationery and writing for Novelicious. She lives in Scotland with her family, and loves the work of Joss Whedon with an unseemly passion.

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