121: Phone chat/coffee with author and editor Non Pratt

ITEM: Phone chat or coffee (depending on location) about publishing process and discussion of what you’re writing at the moment (an informal critique, if you will) with Non Pratt.

Non Pratt

BIO: After playing with glitter, stickers and short sentences in the non-fiction side of Usborne Publishing (where they insisted on using her real name ‘Leonie’) Non Pratt moved to fiction as Commissioning Editor at Catnip Publishing, still playing with sentences, but not so much with the glitter and stickers.

She’s written a book called TROUBLE that will be published in 2014 by Walker Books in the UK and Simon and Schuster in the US. Non is currently enjoying having someone else tell her what to do with her sentences.

About K

YA writer. Voracious reader. Feminist. Home educator. Addicted to tea and Twitter.


  1. Andrea Shepherd


  2. kimberleyalysonuk

    Coming with £40 bid. Love following Non Pratt on Twitter so a chat over hot beverage would be great. In a non-stalky way, of course!

  3. kimberleyalysonuk


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