117: Inspiration, on my Little Island with Malachy Doyle

ITEM:  Malachy Doyle, the picture book author, lives on a little island off the coast of County Donegal, in Ireland. The winner will get to visit Malachy and go for a walk with him on his stunningly beautiful island. Back at his home, you can show him what you’re writing, if you want.  And you’ll get to leave with some of Malachy’s books, too.

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BIO: Malachy Doyle was born in Northern Ireland. He is a best-selling and award-winning author of many children’s books. He has won the Nestle Silver Award, Tir na n-Og Award and the English 4-11 Picture Book Award. He lives in Ireland on a tiny island off the coast of Donegal, where he writes his stories.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That is amazing. Sorry this is so little, but can I start bidding with £25.00. I probably can;t go much higher – but what a wonderful prize!

  2. £50 I’d love to see your island, Malachy

  3. malachydoyle

    And I’d love to show you round it, Jane. Anyone else in the frame?

  4. Stephen Francis


  5. Stephen Francis

    Anything for the lady you love

  6. malachydoyle

    Thanks Stephen

  7. Oh my goodness! I might have to raid the piggy bank…

  8. Nancy Winder

    We’ll bid the US equivalent of 100 pounds.

  9. malachydoyle

    Wow – thanks Nancy.

  10. Ooh, I was hoping to sneak in with another bid, but Nancy’s generous offer knocks me out. Great to see you raising so much money here, Malachy, and very best of wishes to whoever wins the bid.

  11. malachydoyle

    It’s a shame you’re out of the running, Jane – but we’ve got to collect as much as we can!

  12. malachydoyle

    It’s OK if people want to bring a friend (or their family), by the way.

  13. Jude

    £125… Big family!

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