115: Critique of novel or picture book by Liz Flanagan, children’s author and editor

Liz FlanaganITEM: Email critique of your novel or picture book.

DETAIL: Email critique of a novel (up to 80,000 words) or picture book, plus full mark-up of the manuscript. I used to assess manuscripts freelance before turning to writing them!

BIO: Liz says: “I am a children’s author, and I also offer feedback and editorial advice on manuscripts written for children of all ages. This service stems from more than twelve years’ experience as an editor and literary consultant working in children’s book publishing. Please see my website for more detail.”


  1. I have a cheeky question. As you will critique up to 80,000 words of a novel, would you be prepared to critique more than one picture book?

  2. Hi Sara, just seen your question. And it’s a good point, although I value both and would put as much thought and research in, purely from a time perspective a novel takes longer. So going on the basis of my time, I would say up to three picture book texts of max 1500 words each makes a more equal offer! Thanks, Liz

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