114: First edition of Haunters, signed by Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor HauntersITEM: One signed US first edition hardback of Thomas Taylor’s debut novel, Haunters.

BIO: Thomas Taylor is an award winning author and illustrator of picture books, and lately children’s fiction. His first illustration commission was the cover artwork for Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone. He is the author of the time-slip thriller Haunters, as well as a series of illustrated gothic novellas. He is currently creating a comic book in collaboration with Marcus Sedgwick.


  1. Linda Lawlor

    I’ll start you off with £10

  2. Rosemary Eychenne

    I’ll add another £10 to make it £20

  3. A nod to add another ten from me to make thirty pounds total bid.

  4. Rosemary Eychenne

    And another £10 will bring it up to £40 methinks

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