109: Signed Freya North novels

ITEM: Signed (and personalised) copies of Secrets, Chances and Rumours by Freya North.

049784-FC50 13649202 Secrets LAYOUT

BIO: Freya North gave up a PhD scholarship to write her first novel, Sally. For 4 years she turned deaf ears to parents and friends who pleaded with her to ‘get a proper job’. She went on the dole and did a succession of freelance and temping jobs to support “writing days” every now and then. In 1996 she approached one of the UK’s top literary agents, Jonathan Lloyd at Curtis Brown Ltd. Lloyd took her on and put her work up for auction. 5 publishers enter a bidding war for Freya’s books. A three-book deal for a six figure sum is the result. Published since 1996 to great acclaim. She lives on a farm in Hertfordshire with her family and other animals! In 2008 Freya won the Romantic Novel of the Year award by the Romantic Novelists’ Association with Pillow Talk.

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  1. Vicky Davies

    £20 bid xx

  2. Susan Lloyd

    £40 bid

  3. Rebecca Dixon


  4. Rebecca Dixon


  5. I love you guys – keep going… keep going… Freya x

  6. Just to say, the winning bid will also receive a personally signed limited edition short story exclusive… C’mon guys, dig deep, dig deep! x

  7. Rebecca Dixon

    £65 – anyone know when bidding ends?

  8. Bidding ends at 8pm GMT next Wednesday, 20th November. Thanks, everyone.

  9. £100 – I’m trying!!

  10. Susan Lloyd


  11. Elaine Bull

    £125 – very good cause x

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