46: Original artwork by Debi Gliori

ITEM: Original artwork by author and illustrator Debi Gliori.

DETAILS: A near-as-dammit copy of the artwork below, 300mm wide x 420mm tall. Available to send by mid-December, i.e. in time for Christmas. It’s an unused character sketch from Debi’s book ‘The Scariest Thing of All’ published by Bloomsbury.


BIO: Debi Gliori lives in Scotland. Debi is well known for both her picture books and her novels for children and has been shortlisted for all the major prizes, including the Kate Greenaway Award (twice) and the Scottish Arts Council Award. Debi was the Shetland Islands’ first Children’s Writer-in-Residence. She published her first book in 1990 and since then has published so many successful books that she has lost count. She has written and illustrated No Matter What, The Trouble With Dragons, Stormy Weather, The Scariest Thing of All and, most recently What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? for Bloomsbury.

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  1. Iris Rooney


  2. Elen

    Elen Caldecott

  3. Jill Mansell


  4. Mel Chadwick


  5. Jill Mansell

    Is Debi reading these comments? Can I ask the size of the painting, please?

  6. Jill Mansell

    Whoops, forgot to bid! £110.

  7. I’ve just asked Debi to confirm the size and will update as soon as I know.

  8. Debi has confirmed it will be 300mm wide x 420mm tall.

  9. Oooh, bidding against yourself, Candy. I like it… (except that I’ve been outbid). This is the thing i most wanted on the whole site… but I’m glad it’s raising lots of money.

  10. Hello! I think Candy wins the Internet. And the bunny too…. This is SUCH a brilliant communal effort, it’s completely restored my faith in the industry. Love to you all xxxx

  11. Debbie, I don’t think it’s over yet! x

  12. But Debbie SAID I won so it must be TRUE!

  13. Okay, I raise myself £170.

  14. Clare Bell, what are you DOING?

  15. Please stop trying to win it! £176

  16. Candy! Please YOU stop trying to win it!

  17. £180. But I won’t be able to eat. Though that’ll be good for the diet, right?

  18. what can I say? I love bunnies

  19. I love bunnies too- heck, I’d’ve thought that was pretty obvious but….
    I LOVE you all much more. People- you’re utterly brilliant. Thanks so much.
    I’ve got to go off on a variety of trains across the UK now to promote a non-bunny book, but I’ll try and check in as often as possible till the bidding is over. Good luck! Xxxxxxx

  20. Oh man. I think I’ve been outbid. But if it goes to either of you too, perhaps I might get to look at it one day!

  21. Debi, I’m on trains all this week, too (in fact, I made that bid from one) – maybe we will bump into each other 😉

  22. £210. Now I’ll have to give up wine as well as food

  23. Banrock (the bunny) made me do it!

  24. Jane Churchill

    £235 Love the bunny too!

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