41: Three signed/personalised Cathy Cassidy books.

Cathy Cassidy 27 (Web)ITEM: Three signed/personalised Cathy Cassidy books.

DETAIL: Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye & Summer’s Dream; suitable for age 9/10+.

BIO: Children’s author Cathy Cassidy writes mainly for the 9-14 age group, and her Chocolate Box Girls series is a real sweet treat! Looking at friendship, families, feelings and fitting in, Cathy’s books are both warm and addictive. Cathy trained as an illustrator before working as Fiction Editor on the legendary Jackie mag, and was the agony aunt for teen mag Shout for 12 years. Cathy lives with her family and a collection of rescued pets in NW England.

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  1. Bev Humphrey

    £15. 😉

  2. Ruth Anne Sahin


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  4. Davina Newton

    80 pounds

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