39: Signed US hardback edition of FIREBRAND and a signed BLOODSTONE cover by Gillian Philip

ITEM: Signed US hardback edition of FIREBRAND and a signed BLOODSTONE cover by Gillian Philip

Bloodstone-MM Firebrand US
DETAILS: About ‘Firebrand’ – Seth MacGregor is the half-feral, bastard son of a Sithe nobleman. It’s the last decade of the sixteenth century: religious wars and witch-hunts rage in the full-mortal world. The Sithe are at peace – until their queen resolves to destroy the protecting Veil between the worlds. Exiled by her to the otherworld, Seth and his brother Conal vow to survive, reclaim their fortress and defend the Veil – but even its power can’t protect the brothers when the witch-fires burn for them…

BIO: Gillian Philip writes mostly for young adults and children, in genres including crime, historical and urban fantasy, horror, and dystopian SF. Her books include Crossing the Line, Bad Faith, The Opposite of Amber and the Rebel Angels series – Firebrand, Bloodstone, Wolfsbane and Icefall. As a ghostwriter she has written Darke Academy as Gabriella Poole, the Survivors series as Erin Hunter, and two Beast Quest instalments as Adam Blade. She has been nominated and shortlisted for awards including the Carnegie Medal, the Scottish Children’s Book Award and the David Gemmell Legend Award. http://www.gillianphilip.com

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  2. 31 Pounds. I wish it were possible to see other comments, as that could create a bidding war for a great cause. Gillian, I just had to support your efforts for this cause, despite the naysayers. I cannot imagine why anyone would be AGAINST this fine effort by such a kind group of authors.

  3. Sorry, I was a bit confuddled about the comments (it said I was one of two, but the first must have been the listing itself). Someone beat my bid, I dare you! Gillian’s signature on one first edition alone is well worth it, and for a good cause to boot!

  4. I think the pingbacks count as replies 🙂 you do see other bids. (this is not a bid BTW just a comment!) Good Luck!

  5. Robert Roth

    Thanks for the clarification, Ms. Mummy.

  6. 42 pounds. I wish I could find the proper key for the pound symbol!

  7. 57 pounds. This is just such a great cause. Beat the bid, Lisa! Otherwise, this American will be taking a national treasure away from the U.K.

  8. *Rolls up her sleeves* £60 😉

  9. Nice! 62 pounds, and if you can tell me how to get a “pounds” sign from a U.S. keyboard, I promise to stop bidding.

  10. £65, and either try your windows character map or try Alt + 0163. 😉

  11. Tried both to no avail, but thanks for the suggestion. Hope you win! Great book and author.

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