32: Signed/dedicated copies of ‘Me, Suzy P’ and ‘Suzy P and the Trouble with Three’ by Karen Saunders

ITEM: Signed/dedicated copies of ‘Me, Suzy P’ and ‘Suzy P and the Trouble with Three’ by Karen Saundersbooks

DESCRIPTION: Signed and dedicated copies of Me, Suzy P and the sequel, Suzy P and the Trouble With Three. You’ll receive a pre-release as soon as it is available. (Release date January 2014).

About Me, Suzy P: I’m Suzy Puttock (yes, Puttock with a P), fourteen years old and a total disaster magnet. My life’s full of ups and downs. My loved-up big sister Amber’s getting married and wants lime green bridesmaids’ dresses. I’m not happy about that. But there’s this hot new guy, Zach, just started at my school. I am happy about that. Only…I’ve had a boyfriend, Danny, since forever. So now I’m all kinds of confused!

“A hugely entertaining read.” Cathy Hopkins, author of Million Dollar Mates
“A must read.” Girl Talk magazine

About Suzy P and the Trouble With Three: Suzy’s off camping with her family and best mate Millie – yes, you heard right – camping! As if being stuck in a caravan in rainy Wales for two whole weeks weren’t bad enough, to make matters worse, Mum’s best friend’s daughter, super-glam (and super-snooty) Isabella is coming too. When Millie starts spending all her time with Isabella, Suzy is devastated. Can her friendship with Millie survive when three is most definitely a crowd?

BIO: After Karen Saunders graduated with a BA (QTS) in English Literature from Warwick University, she did lots of different jobs, like selling Christmas hampers, answering telephones and working in PR. She decided she’d much rather have a job where she could work in her pyjamas so went back to university to complete an MA in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University and has been making up stories ever since. She’s also the author of the picture book Baby Badger’s Wonderful Night.

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