29: A character name in Shelley Harris’s next book + two tickets to the launch party.

Hi-res 3ITEM: A character name in Shelley Harris’s next book, Vigilante! published December 2014, plus two tickets to the launch party.

DETAILS: I’ll name a character after the winning bidder or the person of their choice. The character may not be a nice person! (But they may be lovely).

BIO: Shelley wrote the Richard and Judy bestseller Jubilee, about an iconic photograph taken at a Silver Jubilee party and the secrets behind it. Her next novel, Vigilante! is the story of an ordinary woman who takes on the persona of a superhero.

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  2. I would LOVE to be a superhero, even if its just in a book.
    I pledge £20 please!

  3. Hi Emma. Sadly, my superhero’s name is set in stone, but it would be a pleasure to make another character Emma Johnston (and needless to say, you’d be a hero for bidding!)

  4. £25…
    Binky Sniffwottle 🙂

  5. £30, and worth every penny. I saw your first book being discovered at York Festival and would love to be in this one!

  6. This is so cool! Thanks so much everyone. I wish I could put you all in (I know, I know – it’s missing the point. But still…)

  7. £40. Sounds fabulous!

  8. Paula Rawsthorne

    Oh, what fun Shelley!! £55

  9. You are all so brilliant! makes me feel a BIT guilty for viciously outbidding Celia on another lot.

  10. Pah! Methinks not guilty enough, Harris!

  11. Paula Rawsthorne


  12. Loretta Smith


  13. This is excellent. I hope it’s a villain. Who strokes a cat and pushes tippy seat buttons. £120

  14. Paula Rawsthorne


  15. £140 – this is too good to give up without a fight!

  16. Should say (should have said) that I will, of course, send the winner a signed copy of the book (or send it to their friend, if the naming is a present).

  17. Loretta Smith


  18. *checks cards, carefully does not make eye contact with Loretta*

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