25: Submission package, critique & counsel from Alex Campbell

Alex CampbellITEM: A submission package critique & counsel from author Alex Campbell (LAND pub 2014 by Hot Key Books)

DETAILS: Having submitted many, many, many times over and having worked in book PR to boot, Alex now writes submissions in her sleep and would love to help budding authors out there reach an agent.

BIO: Alex Campbell announced she was going to be an author at the age of eight. But no one took much notice. Which was generally how life developed thereafter. After a nomadic school career in back row daydreaming, unobserved by her teachers, ‘Alex Who?’, she moved into the world of PR and copywriting where she got other people and products noticed instead.

Now, living near Bath with one husband, two children, and many abandoned manuscripts, she can’t stop smiling that her eight year old self has finally been heard and the kind people at Hot Key Books are publishing not one but two of her YA fiction novels. LAND out 2014 and WRECKED, 2015.

When she’s not writing she can mainly be found in dark art-house cinemas or propping up coffee bars, or worse.


LAND (Hot Key Books, Autumn 2014)

WRECKED (Hot Key Books, 2015)

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Author of The 52 Seductions, and blogger at BettyHerbert.com.


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  2. Brilliant package from a local writer – we’ll start the bidding at £25

  3. Local Writer bids £40

  4. Sorry – Just realised you need email address

  5. bathnovelaward: thanks for the starting bid!

  6. ‘Unpub’ local writer – am sure we can always do it the old-fashioned way too….?

  7. Janae Townes

    Does it matter if a bidder is located in the US?

  8. To Alex – Let me know – Good to meet up – but the biddings not over yet

  9. I meant “meet up” in a non-spooky way – email etc – £55

  10. Mary

    Hi Alex! Can you clarify a submission package critique? Does that include a full manuscript critique as well or is it just the query letter or both? What does it mean exactly? Sorry, just want to be clear. Thanks!

  11. Hi Mary – of course! A submission package tends to be the first 3 chapters, synopsis and cover letter…..but I can always graze my eyes over the whole MS if it helps…..thanks!

  12. unpub – are you local to Bath? happy to do unspooky meet-ups!

  13. Hi Alex – Yes, live quite near to Bath.

  14. thanks for the bid, Jurgen!

  15. Hi Alex – do you specialize in YA or adult too? Thanks

  16. Hi Isobel – I write adult and YA – but my YA are currently the ones I’m published for. My agent covers both so I can always pass any adult submission questions by her also…..hope helps!

  17. I’ll bid £75 Alex, would absolutely love your help! But I’m writing middle grade, is that ok? – Sheila


  18. Sheila, absolutely yes, love MG! fantastic bid thanks x

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