24: Character name from Liz de Jager

Liz de JagerITEM: I am happy to offer a character name in Book 3 and possibly let you be a side-kick in a short story I’m planning to write set in the world of the Blackharts.

BIO: Liz moved from South Africa to the UK in 2000. She’s been writing since she was a nipper and in 2013 her wildest writing dream came true. She got a book deal with PanMacmillan Tor for her YA trilogy, The Blackhart Legacy. The first book (Banished) is out in February 2014, with the second scheduled for November 2014. Liz is an avid reader, huge fan of fairy tales, world mythology and folklore. And action movies.

About Betty Herbert

Author of The 52 Seductions, and blogger at BettyHerbert.com.


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  2. I pledge £20 for a character please! Madnad preferably, but you can use Nadine if not 😉

  3. Yay! thanks Nads – I shall endeavour to do your name justice. Also, if you die, it will be done in truly epic style. *writer’s promise*

  4. Dude. I so want to be a side-kick. £25

  5. I’m sure to be outbid on this but I’m in for £35 🙂

  6. Woofy wants to be a side-kick’s dog (he’s always loved the name Superwoofy but will answer to anything) – he’s sniffed out £6.18 from the family pockets to add to the final bid

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