21: Signed books from Abi Burlingham

Abi BurlinghamITEM: A signed set of the three Ruby and Grub books.

DETAILS: ‘Ruby and Grub’ is about a very sweet little girl, Ruby, and her dog, Grub. Ruby adores Grub and his funny ways, and Grub adores Ruby. However, Grub proves to be a bit of a handful at times and creates all sorts of trouble and a lot of mess! One day he escapes and Ruby’s mum decides she has had enough. “Grub”, she says. “You will have to GO!” So Grub goes to stay with Ruby’s Uncle Tom. But the house just isn’t the same without Grub. Ruby misses him, little Joe misses him, and even Mum misses him. So off they go to Uncle Tom’s in search of their messy, mischievous, but loveable, hound. You’ll be pleased to know the story has a lovely, happy ending, as all good stories should!

BIO: Abi Burlingham lives in Derbyshire and is a writer and English tutor. She has had six children’s books published, including the Ruby and Grub series and Buttercup Magic: A Mystery for Megan, published by Piccadilly Press.

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