20: Blog-to-book advice with Betty Herbert + signed book

Betty HerbertITEM: An hour’s Skype call with Betty Herbert, to discuss how to tailor your blog towards attracting agents and publishers.

Plus a signed and dedicated copy of The 52 Seductions.

DETAILS: Send Betty your web address and any questions you have in advance, and she’ll advise you on how to optimise it – and your online strategy – for getting published.

BIO: Betty Herbert is the author of The 52 Seductions, a blog that became a book. In the UK it is published by Headline. It is also published in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Serbian, Portuguese, Polish and Hebrew.

She also blogs at Discernment.

Betty is 36 and lives on the Kent coast with her husband Herbert, son and her cats, Bob and Elvis. She likes knitting, cooking, drinking cocktails and swimming in the sea (but not in the winter. She is not one of those hardy types).

Find Betty on Twitter.

About Betty Herbert

Author of The 52 Seductions, and blogger at BettyHerbert.com.


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  2. If you’ve got a better use for an hour of my time over Skype, I’m happy to do that instead. As long at I get to keep my clothes on!

  3. I’ll kick off bidding with £5.

  4. And I’ll go up to £10.

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