14: Submission package critique with Ruth Warburton

Ruth Warburton c I HarrisonITEM: Email critique of:

1) The first 3 chapters of your YA or MG manuscript
2) Synopsis
3) Cover letter

DETAILS: If you do not have a complete submission package finished yet then feel free to bid anyway, and I will take a look at any of those components by themselves.

BIO: Ruth Warburton is a YA writer, and the author of the Winter Trilogy (“Gorgeously romantic” – The Times) and the forthcoming Witch Finder series, out Jan 2014. She is published by Hodder Children’s books in the UK. Find out more about her at http://www.ruthwarburton.com

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  3. kimberleyalysonuk

    Let’s do it! £10 to start the bidding. 🙂

  4. Are we bidding only in £?

    Can I bid $USD15? If so, that’s what I bid.

  5. Hello! I will find out about the dollar/pound thing and get back to you. Authorsforphilippines is a UK based collective so I think most of the bids will be in pounds. The only thing is that $USD 15 is actually less than £10 according to google (google says it’s currently 0.63 dollars to the pound, so $15 is £9.44) so I think at the moment Kimberley’s bid takes precedence 🙂

  6. Yep, only in UK£ – you can check the conversion on xe.com. Thanks!

  7. kimberleyalysonuk

    I’ll have to come back with £25! 🙂

  8. kimberleyalysonuk

    Back in (for how long?!) with £65

  9. You are all awesome! Thank you SO MUCH for bidding for this fantastic cause 🙂

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