12: Freelance feature writing course with Ellie Levenson

Ellie-Levenson.jpg_resized_150_ITEM: An online course in how to become a freelance feature writer. The course, led by an experienced freelance journalist, guides you through the pitching and writing process

DETAILS: This correspondence course, by email, takes the student through the entire process of feature writing from coming up with original ideas to writing a pitch, researching the feature and writing the article.

It is ideal for anyone wanting help beginning their freelance feature writing career or anyone who has lost confidence and wants help returning to the market. Although Ellie’s experience is in the UK market she is happy to work with journalists from all countries.

BIO: Ellie Levenson has written features and comment across national newspapers and consumer magazines including the Guardian, the Independent, The Times, Daily Express, TES, THES, New Statesman, Cosmopolitan and Easy Living.

She is a lecturer in journalism at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and runs the course Out of Thin Air: How to come up with hundreds of new ideas every day. She is also the author of two non fiction books – The Noughtie Girl’s Guide to Feminism and Fifty Campaigns to Shout About.

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  2. Starting the bid at a lowly £15!

  3. I’ll happily bid £50 for this 🙂

  4. £65 (sorry Rebecca) XXX

  5. £70 Sorry Kate xxxxx ;o)

  6. Uh oh! £75 *ducks to avoid any low flying missiles* 😉

  7. Julia Anderson


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  9. ellielevenson

    Wow thanks everyone. Thrilled so much has been bid so far. And thanks to Keris for organising. Off to bid on some things myself now.


  10. Julia Anderson


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