2: Manuscript and synopsis critique by children’s author Susie Day

authorphoto_credit_justa_miliITEM: Manuscript and synopsis critique by children’s author Susie Day.

DETAILS: I will critique your children’s book (8+, 9-12 or YA, up to 70,000 words). I’ll champion what’s already strong and effective in your writing, offer tons of support to bring out the potential of the rest, and suggest a reading list to help you put your book in context with the current market. If you’re ready to approach agents/publishers, I’ll help you put together a professional synopsis and letter.

Susie Day writes about families, friendship, and funny stuff for 8-12s and young adults. She is currently working on the fourth in the PEA’S BOOK series for Random House, about three sisters and their children’s author Mum. (This is in no way because she is too lazy to do proper research.)

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  2. £5 – I haven’t written anything yet but I just thought this is for charity so why not kick the bidding off. If I win, I’ll write something.

  3. Sarah

    £10 – LOVE Pea’s by the way!

  4. Thanks so much Little M and Sarah for starting the ball rolling!

  5. Sarah

    I bid £20!

  6. Sarah

    Ooh it is hotting up now! £30!

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