4: Two children’s books by Dee Kirkby


ITEM: Two children’s books by Denyse Kirby

DETAILS: Realand – Join Max and Laura on their first adventure in the Portal Series as they discover what rainbow corices are capable of and run into a bit of bother with a gang of albino slugs…just an average day in Realand.

dk-ps2-cover-front-ebookRaffie Island – Join Max and Laura on their second adventure in the Portal Series as they discover what happens when you pile Raffie Island’s treasure too high, how the tiny galliard giraffes manage to make so much noise and why it’s best to keep your eyes on the nasty merthins.

BIO: Dee lives in the South of England in a home otherwise filled with males – husband, boys and pets – she writes to escape the testosterone.

She is the Patron of Reading at Beacon View Primary Academy and was the 2012 Writer in Residence for Portsmouth Libraries. Dee writes using the name D.J. Kirkby and Dee Kirkby. Dee is the author of Without Alice, My Dream of You, Realand and Raffie Island (book 1 & 2 of The Portal Series for children), and Special Deliveries: Life Changing Moments. Queendom (book three in the Portal Series) is due for publication December 2013 and My Mini Midwife is due for publication Feb 2014.

Dee is a registered midwifery lecturer, teaching midwifery two days per week, and a registered public health practitioner, working two days per week for her local Public Health Department. At the age of 40, she was diagnosed with a form of autism called Asperger syndrome, in addition to dyslexia and dyspraxia (which definitely explains a lot of things including why she can’t read a tube map).

Website for adult’s books can be found at: http://djkirkby.co.uk
Website for children’s books: http://deekirkby.co.uk

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